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Tall bike donor frame??


Apr 18, 2010
Hi all

I was really stoked to see Tomity's post on facebook about the ongoing Tall Bike Workshop. I have been dreaming of building a specific tall bike design for ages, and this looks to be my chance.

I contacted them, and am going to join the workshop from the second session. Which is no problem because I already have my tall bike design.

Now I am on the hunt for a donor road bike frame. If anyone has a crashed frame, or a frame they dont need, I would be so very thankful If you would let me take it off your hands.

Here is what I am looking for:
Steel road bike frame
Top tube, Seat tube, Head tube in working condition. The rear triangle and BB can be trashed, as I wont be using them.
Ideally something around a 55 top-tube.

(Check out the image, I am looking for a frame to make the top section bike)

I am scavenging around the neighborhood trying to find a donor, if anybody has a frame they're willing to give up, I would really appreciate it.


Paul Benjamin

Aug 27, 2010
I was hoping this would be about someone wanting to find a home for something larger than the 56cm that I'm hacking together to fit my 6'8" frame...

Looks cool though! Good luck...


Feb 26, 2010
I know someone looking to sell a barely used Cervelo RS3 size 61 if that is the sort of thing you are looking for.

Cervelo R3 Carbon Frame Size 61
Wolf CL Forks
FSA SL-K Carbon Bars
Bontrager Riser
Shimano Ultegra Flight Deck Brake Lever/Gear Shift
Easton Vista SL 700c rims with Velomax hubs
Vittorio Diamante Pro Light Slick Tires
Shimano Ultegra Derailleur and Cassette
FSA SL-K Carbon Crank with FSA Rings
Shimano Ultegra Pedals
FSA SL-K Carbon Seat Post
San Marco Ponza Saddle
also includes brand new (unused) spare Easton Vista SL rims with Vittorio Pro Corsa Tires.
Total mileage less than 100 miles.

Paul Benjamin

Aug 27, 2010
Thanks for the info, it's probably a little rich or my tastes right now (and probably still somewhat too small).

Chances are I'll have something made once I decide where are how I plan on riding for the long term...


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
How are you gonna play polo on that, James? You wanna weld together two ski-poles as well? :heyhey:
Let me know when you are coming back to earth and polo is on your mind again.

One guy I know has one of these things as well and one guy did an alley-cat in Budapest on one. Apparently they ride not that much different, but will teach you the perfect angle for curves a lot better.



Apr 18, 2010
Gunnar, how's the polo been going recently. Did you get a new mallet made? I was talking with Ricky at Pedal Day, about buying one of his.

I've been wanting to make a tall-bike for ages, it's tough without the proper tools. Luckily the Iekjiri Institute of Design is putting on this workshop. Can't wait.
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