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Takamine Yama MTB Park


Jul 13, 2008

Am thinking about checking out Takamine Yama MTB Park: http://www.takamineyama.com/takamine_main/

Has anyone been out there? Is it worth the trip? Would be going by train and hiring a bike most likely, so if anyone's had any experience with that be great to get some tips!

Hi All,

In case anyone is interested...

Went up to Takamine over the weekend - shink to Oyama then local to Haguro. Prob took about 2.5hrs all up. Arriving at 3pm on Sat was politely informed that course was closed for the day! That's the punishment you get for sleeping in after friday's big night I guess. Spent the night at the clubhouse and riding kicked off at 9am Sunday. Don't be put off by the regulars who seem kitted up for a downhill assault on Everest - course could prob be tackled on a hard tail.

Basically it's shuttle runs all day and downhill runs over a few courses, first time at d/hill so hard to compare but was pretty decent - not super technical but on a rented bike with shite brakes it gets interesting! There plenty of spots to get airborne, they've built some ladder runs and jumps along the way.

Downside: can spend a while waiting for van to get back up, there no food - so bring your own, minimal services, a few benches with umbrellas is it. bit of a mission to get to on trains.

Upside: nice bunch of ppl, very relaxed, decent enough course, and cheapish at 2000 for the day plus 200 insurance. 500 per run - at an honour system.

Think I'll def be back there - might try it out with my hardtail...
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