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Taiwan service for a dead Edge 500


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Jul 26, 2008
My edge 500 was new at the end of May, at the end of Sept it apparently died and became a brick. I emailed garmin international shortly after and didn't get a reply, so I called them the other day.

After being led thru a couple things (holding all four or a pair of buttons for a bit), the rep could only give me a phone number with an 88 prefix. I thought it might be Hong Kong. The agent didn't know.

Then later the same day, I got an email from garmin support in Taiwan. Cool, but in the return authorization form they want my credit card info, including security code, and as a part of their email reply they say there'll be a fee of US$34 for returning the unit to me. Also, they mention 'repair' several times (implying cost to me, at least as I see it), and 'warranty repair' only once, without any specific reference to my unit or its warranty period.

I don't want to get dinged for a repair cost without knowing upfront what it will be, plus that return shipping (probably by UPS/FedEx?). I'd like the option of their diagnosis upfront--it's their product, still within warranty, and I'm shipping it to them at my cost. Perhaps I'm wrong, but given that, I think they should determine the problem first and describe possible options, e.g.: it's under warranty and will be fixed/replaced (and shipped back for $34...); it's not a warranty problem and it's going to cost X dollars (plus shipping), so what would you like to do?

Of course I would hope they'd do that. But I'm worried that I'll simply get an email notifying me that return shipping has been processed, and/or the unit will arrive back here with a note to the effect that they've billed my card for non-warranty repair, without having been able to approve that.

Have any of you people dealt with something like this with garmin? My inclination is to leave the credit card info fields on the return form blank, and instead write something like 'email/contact me when the problem has been diagnosed'. Any other advice or suggestions?
OK my 705 died earlier this year. I would suggest that before you send it that you inform them that it is still under warranty and that under our consumer rights are allowed a repair OR replacement within this period of time.

You want to make a HUGE fuss about the lack of customer service and complain that you have been without a unit since September.

I did this and I sent the unit to the Japanese distributor who then dispatched a new one to me directly.

As for the billing send the rep an email explaining your concern and wait till you get a response you are happy with before you send it.

I was actually very impressed once Taiwan took over the return process. They Kept me in the loop and processed the whole thing very quickly. This was after I bombarded their facebook pages with bad karma about the whole thing though.
Thanks for the feedback, I've just finished printing out the RMA and an extra page to attach and will mail it off later today. No card number included.

It's kind of odd that they call it a warranty Return Material Authorization, but then on that form there's a space labeled "Repair Fee".
Mine had that also and they told me to leave it blank, I think they use the same form for warranty and non warranty claims
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