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Sweet taste of victory!


Maximum Pace
Mar 4, 2008
We entered a three man team in the 7 hr enduro at Fuji Speedway yesterday. We have been doing a lot of hard training at Oifuto on Sundays so thought that if we avoided crashes, breakdowns and 2 lap penalties for one of our riders forgetting to wear his helmet (sorry guys) we had a chance of a top 6 podium finish.
After 2 hours we noticed that the standings were shown in real time on the TV monitors in the pits. We were in 2nd! That gave us the incentive to go one better!
Within the hour we were in first and increased our lead till the finish.
3 very happy and surprised campers!

Suggestions please for what to do with the years supply of shampoo and conditioner we get for winning. If I could grow hair, I would!
Congrats Keith, fantastic result!

What was your final distance? And what about tactics? Did you have a set # of laps each, or did you stay out as long as you could?
I think it was 57 laps so about 265km.
We started on 4 laps each then dropped down to 3. Fuji speedway has a lot more uphill than I remembered from my motorcycling days!
Hey, you got to KEEP your lifetime's worth of shampoo?! Man, I just got to hold mine for 30 seconds before having to give it back. :confused:

Well done on the win! :thumb:
That was just for show, they`ll send you some by takyubin.
Well done, bask in the glow of shiny hair (whatever hair there is) and victory.
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