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Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
As I sure everyone knows, our fellow TCC in arms Mr. James M. has succeeded to land an illustrious position with the Fuji Pro team. I'd like to propose a bit of a support for James on this extraordinary achievement - even so much as to forward the cohesiveness of TCC as a club that has mutually provided a base and received benefit thereof from James. In short - I'd like to propose that we come together as a 'club' in supporting James in his effort with Fuji and our return may be the hipness, honor and shout-out as TCC.

What do you think? Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but the local clubs that fielded champions had quite a bit of street cred and attracted not only great riders - but also the ability to coordinate great rides and auxiliary events. TCC has a very strong embedded 'team' of some of the strongest riders I have ever seen or ridden with with. Period. And though I had really quit riding a long time ago (1988) , the spirit of TCC, especially with support of people like James, gave me the courage to re-enter and the confidence to man-up again on seriously challenging rides.

So, I for one, throw my hat in the ring. And hope we could do something to support James in spirit or in favor in his representation of not only Fuji, but also TCC in general.
The Big Event

Ludwig and I will be at Saiko this weekend to watch James win it all (and try the C Class race ourselves).

Anyone else going? If so, we may want to plan a ride part/all of the way back on Sunday afternoon ... S class race is at 2PM.

David L.
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