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Sunglasses for nearsighted?


Sep 2, 2009
Hello all, I would like to have some recommendation here.

I am nearsighted and wondering a very long time for a good protective sunglasses for cycling and sport. Many people recommend me to use the contact lenses with normal sunglasses, however if that is possible I would like to avoid contact lenses.

I looked the Oakley website for quite a long time and CANNOT figure out which model (if any......) will support adding a nearsighted frame after the glasses. I heard from some sources even told me that all Oakley cycling glasses are NO support with nearsighted. (seem no hope...) Is there have any Oakley model, not necessary a cycling specific model, can good for general cycling use with a good dust protection?

I also looked another brand call Rudy project which seem have a much better support for nearsighted people. Is there any good recommendation?:warau:
Rudy Project are good. Any model that is "RX insert friendly" is good. You can get lenses put into an RX insert in any glasses shop in Japan. I just ordered a pair of cheap ones from Chain Reaction Cycles.


Shimano also do optical insert sunglasses:


I also saw in a magazine that the glasses shop chain "Paris Miki" here in Japan have launched prescription friendly sports sunglasses. They retail for 23,000 yen but you can get 2000 yen off here:


I get my everyday prescription glasses and sunglasses from this shop and can recommend it. They'll give you free eye tests and good after sales service.


Transitions make a whole host of lenses for Oakley frames.
Thank you all!

I totally forget I can buy from oversea. (I used to get all my parts and upgrade from Chainreaction and Wiggle)

I think I will end up get a pair from Wiggle. I found out there are two addon frame for RX frame, they are this
and this

wondering which one I should get. After looked the feedback from the user, I also do not know if my nearsighted can easily made a pair of lens that fit the glasses (seem the addon frame will be quite close to my eyes, if the lens is too thick then that will be a problem :( )
There is a glasses shop in the men's department of Shinjuku Takashimaya that is an Oakley dealer. Over the summer they helped me get a pair with the transitions prescription lenses. They are great but it will put a hole in your wallet.

Used to have an inexpensive Bolle frame with a prescription insert. It works reasonably well but is a little cumbersome and does not work well in rain/fog. Prescription lenses is one thing Japanese customs is obsessive about so if you try to mail-order from overseas they might get sent back.
Alan the work around for this is to have them shipped to an address in your home country. Then have them unpacked and sent as used items/ personal belongings.

They will not be taxed or sent back.
That is how I eventually had my parents forward a prescription insert from the US when it was initially rejected....
O no!
Then that mean I will not receive my new glasses from Wiggle?? :(

Are they prescription lenses or just glasses? If they are just sunglasses you won't have any issues.

Also I had issues with Oakley Japan and custom lenses...turned out Japan sold them but didn't actually have them.

Got them from the UK lense only and they came straight through no issues.
Not much help, but I gave up on the whole eyeglasses thing and had the LASIK done, all in all after all the insurance and stuff kicked in it cost me about 60,000 for both eyes. :cool:

Now I just buy whatever sunglasses I want :D

Just saying ;)
O Thanks!
I just ordered the normal sunglasses with the prescription lenses frame (without any lens) , then I think I will be OK.

And which LASIK in Tokyo is good and that cheap? :confused: The insurance is the Japan national health or something else?
O Thanks!
I just ordered the normal sunglasses with the prescription lenses frame (without any lens) , then I think I will be OK.

And which LASIK in Tokyo is good and that cheap? :confused: The insurance is the Japan national health or something else?

I went to the Shinagawa clinic....
The base price was about 180,000 yen for both eyes, but they had a campaign on that knocked off 30,000 yen, then I referred a friend, another 10,000 yen off and my private insurance paid up some so the end was around 50,000 yen for both eyes. I did have to pay the initial 150,000 yen up front, and got the other back over the course of about 6 months, takes time. I recently had to start wearing reading glasses but that is just the onset of old age :eek: Both my parents started to wear reading glasses at about 45 years of age as well, so no big surprise. I only need them for reading, for everything else I still do not wear glasses.

My reading glasses are kind of becoming my seeing glasses...
What he said. My experience is almost exactly the same except that (1) I made almost my outlay back by introducing new customers, and (2) I don't need reading glasses. Yet. At 41 my days are numbered, perhaps.

I had had custom prescription lenses made for my three pairs of Ray Bans. Was very glad that I kept the original lenses!

--HF Mike--
Thanks for sharing!

I am 31 right now so I think that is a value investment.
I think 180000 referring to Shinagawa Triple R Premium Intra LASIK ¥178,000(For both eyes), right now they have a much more expensive program call Amaris Z LASIK.

Let me think....... :rolleyes: I just wondering my heavy computer working life will waste that investment...
We have drifted a bit here topic wise, but if you are going to need reading glasses then the LASIK will not change that, but if you are 31 now and lets say you get the dreaded "Rogan" at the typical age of 45, that is then 14 years without glasses, even if you pay the full 180,000 yen, that is 12,857 yen a year, how much do you now spend on glasses a year? For me, I have two good pair of reading glasses one at home and one at work, but I have 3 or 4 pairs of cheaters here and there, one lives in my messenger bag one in my workshop etc, these ban be bought for about 1000 yen. My eyes need +1.50 and +1.75 so for reading a long time, I want the good prescription glasses, but for this and that, a pair that are +1.50 and +1.50 are just fine.

I think it is worth it, because on the bike or doing almost any kind of sports, you don't typically need the reading part of your sight, this leaves you glasses free, which is SO nice, and you can then use any sunglasses you like, or say goggles for skiing, snowboarding.

OK my glasses finally arrive my door, it looks great!

Now is the time to make the lens for the add on frame.

Anyone can suggest some good and good price option?
My daily glasses right now is from Muji, those shop usually offering budget set with the frame for around 8-10k, however I remember I asked what will be the price to change the lens without frame, they STILL charge for 8500yen :eek:

Will that be other choice? (especially the one made my Muji is not very thin, I am wondering if that thickness is good for my Ruby project addon)
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