Sunday, September 4th - Shiraishi & Nihongi Toge


Maximum Pace
Jun 1, 2010
Tokyo (Nezu)
Saturday's ride was canceled due to poor weather conditions, so I am trying this again. With the exception of the change of days, all other details remain the same.

As usual, meeting at the Family Mart and heading up the Arakawa. We'll head out and do a climb right next to Shiraishi, pass by Shiraishi Toge to a beautiful descent down Route #11 towards Chichibu. From there we'll climb Nihongi Toge and descend in to Ogawamachi were we'll return by train. See this MAP for the meaty part of the route.

Climbs will be WATT. Please, join us if you can.

Meet Time: 7:00am
Meet Place: Family Mart (HERE)
Climbing: 1700-2200m
Distance: 120-140km