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Sunday Sept, 9


Maximum Pace
Feb 5, 2012

I posted this the other week but was unable to go, so I will ride this route on Sunday if the weather cooperates.

All climbs are WATT, there are three main climbs which I suspect everyone will take at their your own pace, and after the hydro stop at Fujino there is a handful of rolling climbs/descents that are nice mix of pain and fun. This is a nice quite ride with very minimal traffic or stop lights, and its nice and cool in the mountians. After Fujino the only way to bail out is to ride out.

I will stop at Tomin no mori rest area for lunch and a refill before descending to musashiitsukaichi station, you can train home from there, and I will likely ride back home.

Route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1606946
Meet: Takao 7am, or Fujino 8am
Distance: 80.6km
Gear: front and rear lights, food as there are only vending machines after Fujino, and it might be chilly in the early am.

This is great ride to challenge and improve your climbing/endurance:bike:
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