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Sunday Ride Takao - Tsurushi


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Jan 30, 2007
As an option for those that cannot make Travis's ET1 ride on Saturday, I plan a moderate-pace ride in the hills on Sunday.

The route is here

Bail out option at Uenohara if we don't feel like hitting Wadatoge.

Start from Takao station. We need to be rolling by 9am since the days are getting pretty short. Meet at 8:45 by the South exit coin lockers for the trainsters or 8:50 by the North exit Family Mart for the bikers.

Let me know if you're coming.


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Sep 24, 2007
Alan, even though my racing season has officially come to an end and it's my mates b'day bash on Saturday night and I have a cold right now I will put one foot tentatively forward for this one. Basically what I think I'm trying to say is I'd love to join you but probably won't.

Will keep you posted....would be good if it passed through more TCC hall of fame climbs though as I'm hoping to try and beat my PB's while I'm peaking. If I don't make it you may see me on Wada Toge going up and down until I get a decent time, and that's code for smash Deej's time:D


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Oct 2, 2009
Great to see a proposal for Sunday riding!
I have become a huge fan of the Green line, after riding it last week after the Ryusei hillclimb. Leafs are the perfect color right now, plus the constant up and down is just perfect. Was thinking of perusing it either via a start from Ome or Hanno on Sunday. There's also my friend's wedding party on Sat, so an early Takao start might be difficult. Please give me some time to consider.


Feb 4, 2009
Great route Alan, I could be there depending on how EnduroTraining goes.

Have you seen the new look Wada toge bistro? Not sure if its open for business yet, but it looked to have had a good paint job and facelift last weekend.

I am hoping the wicked witch has left and been replaced by a cycling themed maid cafe serving large slices of carrot cake or sticky toffee pudding with a mug of hot coffee.


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Jan 30, 2007

Sorry folks,
Due to the Enduro Training ride now being on Sunday, this ride is off.

I may ride something similar on Saturday but that will depend on the weather - the route is likely to be shorter too. Will keep you posted.



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Nov 3, 2007
P.E. pair will ride Doshi on Sunday

Jerome Bouhet and I (David L.) will ride part of this route on Sunday.

We are heading out from my house near Futakotamagawa, will pass Tamagawaharabashi (7:30) and go via Doshimichi to Yamanakako for lunch (probably barbeque/grill at a mountain house where Jerome's sister is this weekend), then onward, maybe via Mikuni Toge toward Odawara, or around the west side of Fuji via Fujinomiya to Shin Fuji ... and back via Shinkansen.

If anyone wants to join, we can be sure to pass Sekidobashi (7:45) and Takao (8:30 -- 7/11 a block in front of the JR station on Rte 20). Leave a comment on the Positivo Espresso blog post if you want to join, so we know to look for you:

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