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Sunday, November 20th - Green Line


Maximum Pace
Jun 1, 2010
It looks like the weather is supposed to clear up, and be warm and sunny for tomorrow. So... as usual, meeting at the Family Mart and heading up the Arakawa. Exact route yet to be determined, but we'll head out and do at least two good climbs and descents before taking the train home. If we make good time and the weather holds up, we may consider riding back to Tokyo. Climbs will be WATT.

At this point it's Takaaki (Kawa) and me. Please, join us if you can.

Meet Time: 8:00am
Meet Place: Family Mart (HERE)
Climbing: 1400-2000m
Distance: 135-170km


Sep 2, 2009
Ahhh, would love to mate.

Out on a mission of a very different kind tonight, however, and have to say no to this one.

In 2 weekends time, I will be free, however.

Hope you have a good one.
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