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Ride Sunday May 10, Hino to Mt Jinba


Maximum Pace
Dec 8, 2014
I'm planning to go for a jaunt through the mountains on Sunday morning, meet at Hodokubo Station at 6:00 am and plan to get back by about 11am. I ride at about medium pace and take my time when going uphill, I'll probably stop a couple of times at convenience stores along the way and the ride will be going along a closed forest road. I haven't tried this road before but I've been told that it's sealed and reasonably smooth, with the usual loose rocks and occassional pothles that rindos usually have. There will be a couple of reasonably sized hills (take a look at the route) if anyone is interested then you're more than welcome to join me, I'll be navigating by GPS and promise to get you lost only a few times :>

Here's the planned route:

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