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Sunday, August 1st - Arakawa Northern Route (Part 2)


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Jun 1, 2010
Last week's ride was fun, challenging and scenic so I am doing it again! I'll use the same beginning part of the route as last week, but will branch in to some different climbs from there (at about the 55km mark). Exact route yet to be decided.

This excerpt from last weeks description pretty much sums it up:
From Sugamo Station, ride up Route 17 to the Arakawa, up the Arakawa to Route 16 (becomes Route 15) follow that out to the mountains. To the base of the first mountainous area is only about 55km. From there there are numerous potential mountainous routes with real potential. Expect 25-50 kilometers in the mountains and a round trip to Tokyo totaling 150km or so.

Here is last week's route: http://www.mapmyride.com/route/jp/to...27980496437752

Meet: Sugamo Station (Yamanote Line)
When: Sunday, August 1st @ 8:00am (8:05 roll-out)

Additionally, I am meeting my friend Tetsu en-route at 8:20am at the 7-11 at Itabashihoncho Station here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&q=35.762063,%20139.705002

I'll be Sugamo Station (Yamanote Line) at 7:50am and will roll-out at 8:05am.

What a ride! Scenery was excellent!

Sorry I was slow as hell on the climbs, and seemed to bonk constantly towards the end, but you have shown me what I can work towards!

Very enjoyable! Loved the technical downhill parts, and that food and drink stand at the top of the first major climb was a God send!

Looking forward to riding with you and Testu again.

Mate, no worries... you did well!

It was great meeting and riding with you today. And, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I also thought that was a particularly scenic route we took today! I'll definitely be riding that one again.

Also, I'm with you. It's the descents that make it all worthwhile!

BTW, I'll try to get a few pics up later this evening. See you soon!
Ah thanks mate!

Glad I didn't totally blow it!

Looking forward to seeing those pictures too!
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