Ride Sunday, April 7th (Wami Pass)


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Dec 9, 2015
Hello TCC'ers,

According to the weather report we are looking at a great day on Sunday. Up on the docket is a ride I don't think I have done all of it before, but looks like a good one.
It's called Wami Pass (others may call it something else).

Start time: 7:00 am Cross Coffee / 7:30 Ys Road
Distance: 120km from YS road (more depending upon where you are coming from)
Climbing: That be affirmative - 2221m or so.
Stops: Yes 2 at least.
Pace: Early season, 30km flats (WATT - Wait At The Top of climbs)
NOTES: Gonna be a warm day, bring food, spares and two water bottles.

As always comment or send a DM if interested.

Here be the route:

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Mar 4, 2019
A little follow up since on April 7th we ended up doing Takao + Zebra but not the Wami part... today was a nice day, so I did the full RideWithGps link you posted above. The Wami pass loop is as scenic as it is steep, very remote in parts, thanks for the great route!

I wanted to warn that right before hitting the summit going counter-clockwise from the Wami side, there was a gate that the road was closed or something:

However, I hopped the gate because I'm an idiot ;-)

If anyone else ends up going here, I would recommend just turning around and going back down the Wami side clock-wise. The road has a bunch of debris, a few construction trucks, and some landslides, e.g.:

That said I am a very cautious slow descender and it was doable... and the views were better on the downhill half.