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Sunday 6/17 Ashigara Run


Speeding Up
Jul 12, 2006
How about some mountains in my backyard for a change?

Sunday 6/17 I am planning a ride from Shin-Matsuda to the Ashigara Mountains. Course is only about 75kms, but is pure climbing. Shin-Matsuda – Daiyuzan – Myojin Forest Road – Kintoki Tunnel (old Ashigara Pass) – Sengokuhara, - Minami-Ashigara Forest Road – Daiyuzan – Shin Matsuda .

Much of the climb is on gated forest roads with no cars. This is one of my favorite rides; short but hard, with two hellish and utterly gratuitous 3km dead-end climbs that can be thrown in for the hillbillies.

The route is not straightforward at all; there are about 20 junctions where it is possible to go the wrong way. I'd like to keep the ride (if anyone else wants to go) to riders of similar abilities who can ride as a unit and not have to constantly stop to re-group.

Meet at Shin Matsuda Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line (5 minutes walk from Matsuda Station on the JR Gotemba Line) at 9:55. Roll by 10:15 or so.

Any takers? I have posted the profile here:

No Interest?

No interest at all? :confused: This is a very good ride in some mountains that the TCC folks do not often get to...
Very interested . . .

Hi Aaron,

If you say it is good, then it must be and I would love to do this ride - but I cannot this weekend as I will not be in Tokyo. I will be racing in Ironman Japan :D However, I will definitely complete the ride at a later date.

My apologies,


Hey Aaron,
Sorry, but I'm out too...
It's Nobu's birthday on Sunday.
It really looks like a great ride, and I think a lot of people would be interested in doing it. But the only problem is the timing!
If you can keep this ride/course "on the back-burner" for a while, and set a date (preferably a Saturday) in the future when no-one's got any other plans, I'm sure we can get quite a few guys out there to do the ride.
Really sorry this time!

BTW>Philip: Good luck in your race this weekend! Everyone's cheering for you!
Go an' kick some arse!!!
Cheers Travis . . .

Three from TCC are going:

Gilles [France]

Astroman (Keren) [Australia]

Myself [UK]

Good luck to everyone - see you in the briefing


Best of luck !!


Best of luck mate - give 'em hell !!

Thank you Charles . . .

It does not seem that long ago since we rode out to Fuji-san together. I hope we can do that again when you are ready :bike:


Meds !

Meds seem to be working. Weight loss has stopped :( however shakes are gone and palpitations/ heavy heartbeat also largely gone. Blood test results are really a lot better. This is quick actually.

Now riding again and feels really good. Not pushing it yet so Tamagawa track is about the limit right now but hoping to tackle a few hilly bits soon !

All the best
Hi Charles . . .

That is great news!!!

Don't forget the battery for your heart rate monitor :D


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