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Half Fast Sunday 28th - Miura Ride

Half-Fast Mike

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May 22, 2007
-- Sunday 28th - Miura Ride --

We're going to the Miura Peninsula on Sunday. This isn't a beginner ride, but neither is it a race! We'll be riding about 60km with some steep-ish sections (both up and down!) Wonderful scenery, roads through the rice paddies, a lighthouse, a windmill, and catch a nice beach bar before it disappears in the September tides. Route will be something like this:


Your train leaves Keikyu Shinagawa Station at 08:57. Use in the front cars on the train as the back ones go to Zushi. You want a car that's going to Misaki-guchi and thus stops at Kurihama. Arrive Kurihama at 09:51. We'll aim to arrive at Misaki for lunch at about 11:30, perhaps visit the Dollhouse at Satojima, and finally hit the Blue Moon beach bar at Hayama Beach for more beer. Swimming definitely possible and very refreshing. Once we've had enough we'll wobble the last 5 kilometres to Zushi station, from whence back to Tokyo.

It will be hot, but should be lots of fun. You'll need your bike bag, helmet, lights. Keep my phone number handy o8o-34o3-o239.

I'm not planning to ride down - too hot and too tired. But I may take a different train so don't look for me at Shinagawa.

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