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Sunday 27th ride anyone?


Sep 2, 2009

I am up for a ride on Sunday 27th. I am up in Saitama, so if anyone wants to meet up around there, or nearer Tokyo, let me know.

Absolutely no idea where we would be going, so open for suggestions, if any of you are interested!
I'm looking to ride this weekend. I live in central Tokyo in Nezu off the Chiyoda Line. It's on the west side of Ueno Koen. Where in Saitama are you?

Soooo sorry for the late reply. I have my finger in that many pies that it is hard to keep up!

OK, well tomorrow I am going riding with the guys from SEO 大宮. We are meeting at SEO 大宮 at 8.00am, and I am pretty much at their mercy. No idea where we are going, but the main guy pointed west and said, "Far". Haha.

Feel free to join in if you can get into Saitama.

Offer is open to anyone else wanting a Saitama ride too!!


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