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Sunday 23 Arakawa/Edogawa loop: 40-50km


Jan 12, 2011
This idea got started on my new member introduction thread, here: https://tokyocycle.com/bbs/showthread.php?p=25552&posted=1#post25552

In case of hangover, how about a 10 a.m. meeting? I'll stay until 10:15, but if you come later, and you move faster than my 25km/h, you can catch up.

Location: 4km into this route (http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Japan-Kameari-BayLoop) is the southern of the paired highway 6 bridges, where it meets the bike route between the Arakawa and Nakagawa, very near Yotsugi Station (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&sou...pn=0.020101,0.061798&z=15&iwloc=start&start=0).

Then we can decide where to go. Down the Arakawa and back? Back up the Edogawa? Get a beer at Harvest Moon Brewery?

Hope to meet a few of you.

Take care of yourself. Glad to hear from you all. I know nobody may be interested in the beer, but maybe I should take my cable-lock just in case?
I'll come along for the ride.

I am coming down from Mid-Saitama, and will do my best to get there for 10am.

If I am not there by 10.15am, just go on without me, but I will do my best to get there.

Siddall, I will send you a PM with my phone number.

See you tomorrow, fingers crossed.
Four of us

It's too bad that one of us is sick, but there are four others who should be there. Thank you all.

Thank you for the company: Pete, Tim, Kawasaki, and Andreas. Glad to help you log easy miles. I should have told you to drop me sooner. Once we got on the Edogawa cycling road I was pretty done.

Besides logging more miles, I have to get some training in riding formation. The TCC is having one in March... but that's my one busy weekend.

Hope to see you again.

I had a good time with you all.

Let's have some training together on weekend, I'll contact you. >> Siddall
I hope to join your peloton to greenline in this spring. >> Pete,Tim
I couldn't talk to you this time.Maybe next time and hope it soon. >> Andreas

Anyway, I enjoyed it and hope to see you soon!!:D
Nice ride today, and it took me through some areas that I probably never would have hit left to my own devices, so thank you for putting it together Siddall!

I'll definitely be doing a similar ride(s) Saturday and/or Sunday next week for anyone that's up for it. I want to to do a 70-130km predominantly flattish ride maintaining heart rate zone 2 throughout. I've got a few ideas, perhaps heading up the Arakawa and looping either across Omiya or heading the other way out through Kawagoe.
I'll definitely be doing a similar ride(s) Saturday and/or Sunday next week for anyone that's up for it.
That sounds like fun to me. I'll be pleased to join you if it's on sunday.
Omiya,Kawagoe, either one will be fine.

What I didn't take into account was weekend crowds. Dumb. I'd been doing that ride weekdays.

Zone 2 is faster than today? I think Tim said today was zone 1. Ha, not for me!
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