Half Fast Sunday 21st Tokyo to Utsunomiya 160km

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May 22, 2007
Sunday 21st September - Tokyo to Utsunomiya 160km

All start 08:00 sharp @ Grand Hyatt Roppongi Hills, with your bike bag!

Route: A few km of Tokyo until we cross the Sumida River. After that, 90% of the ride is on riverside cycle paths. Almost completely flat! Taking in Sendaihorigawa canals; Nakagawa; Arakawa; the entire Edogawa before they dig it up; lunch next to Sekiyado Castle; Tonegawa; Watarasegawa; Omoikawa; Sugatagawa; Tagawa. Abundant opportunities to bail out. Gyoza in "Utsunomiya: Gyoza City" for those who make it to the end. Train back to Tokyo: JPY5000 for the shinkansen.

Route plan: RideWithGPS

Warning: Pump up your tires and oil your chain. Bring lights. Roadworthy bikes only, please. It's not a race, but we will not have lots of spare time to fix your mechanical problems.

Contact Mike o8o-34o3-o239 or mike[at]halffastcycling{dot}com

The weather forecast looks good as of Thursday evening. We may even get a tailwind as we ride north. But if the forecast changes and we look certain to get drowned, the plan might change.
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