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Sunday 18th Miura Peninsula Ride


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Jan 30, 2007
To avoid the snow and ice I am planning a ride around Miura Peninsula on Sunday. The starting point is JR Yokohama Station east exit. As usual I want to be rolling by 9am.


The route is one of Travis' - indeed, it's a re-run of the very first ride I did with TCC. It's mostly flat but that should keep us below the snow line :D
We can stop for a short lunch break at Misaki, just after the 60 km mark.


Let me know if you're interested in joining this ride.
Hi, Alan,
I remember doing this route once, it was nice, and it's not far from my home - count me in :bike:

This route was my first-ever TCC ride as well, back in 2007. Would have liked to join you for this one Alan, but I'm on a self-imposed bike break for a month. Next time, for sure!

Just got back from the US on Wednesday night. Still have jet lag and have been off the bike for a month.

Guess it depends on what sort of pace you intend to do and whether you can push the start back to 9:30...

I am up for it.

I am still learning my way around the subway system, but will aim to be at Yokohama station by 8.45 tomorrow.

I'd like to keep the start at 9am to get home at a reasonable hour.
If you can make that time, the pace will be moderate. No high intensity training in the middle of winter!

David & Sergey - see you tomorrow.

Wish I could join you guys - just another working day for me tomorrow. Have a nice ride! :)
Not a good idea

I jolt of pain reminded that I am still nursing a sprained ankle from about two weeks ago. Best to rest it for a while longer.

Have fun. See you in February.
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