Ride Sunday 17th July Shiraishi Return

Mlac Peek

Peek pace master
Jun 12, 2012
Toda, Saitama
Gday all! Beat-the-heat summer series returns for another round. This week we take the usual route up the river and do Shiraishi. Once at the top we'll veer left, roll over the hill and make a loop down Takashino before heading back home. It's a quick out-and-back morning affair and if all goes well we'll be back at the Sapceship before midday.

Date: Sunday 17th July 2016
What: Shiraishi Return
Meeting: Spaceship 5am
Distance: 150km
Pace: Pretty fast

The map has us going up Sadamine after Shiraishi but ignore that, we're only climbing Shiraishi and then coming home. The route out and back is the same. Cheers!
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Mlac Peek

Peek pace master
Jun 12, 2012
Toda, Saitama
That was an excellent session. @kawa, @echothree and @Heath came along for the ride and we made good time out and back. There was rain and mist on the hills but it kept us nice and cool up the climb. @Heath was recovering from some kind of tropical disease so wasn't feeling his usual self - but he finished with 170km, awesome stuff mate! It's always good to see @kawa on his bike, he was in good form on the way up the river but took a back seat on the road home, and 180km. @echothree was on fire all day and smashed his way up Shiraishi - I'm not sure what his time was but I the way he took off at the bottom was something else. Back on the flats and we were flying until we got to the river, where @echothree headed off on a different route home. The ride back down the river was painless, and buoyed by all the riders heading north at the start of their day in the saddle while we were cruising home. Thanks for coming out lads!



Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
Avg 17.1 kmh :eek: ! Unbelievable times. For now, I'm aiming to enter top 100, and 25:30 or so should get me there currently. It's 3 min off my personal best right now, which was set at a really hot afternoon. I'm looking at Oct or Nov when it's cooler for another go :crafty:


Maximum Pace
Dec 13, 2014
Here's my belated spiel.

Got really crook on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday prior to this ride.
38+ degree body temp and severe body aches, etc.

Had no troubles getting up early (3:00 a.m.) as I knew the drill after having done it the weekend before.
It was nice and cool and I was really happy about that.

Upon cresting a little climb a few Ks after the start of my ride, I noticed something wasn't quite right with my legs.
They basically felt like rocks.
10K into the ride I knew that my legs would fail me pretty early on into this lengthy ride, but as always, I never gave up.

Arrived at the meeting point after 1hr 40m riding time and latched onto the lads, @kawa @echothree and Mr. Diesel Refinery himself (Peek), just as they'd headed off after giving up waiting for me.

I was struggling to hold wheels already, and the legs were getting progressively sorer.
This was the first time I had met @echothree, I thought, oh yeah he looks like a fairly strong rider.
Nothing could have been further from the truth, he is a lethal weapon of the highest proportions.
He caned it on the flats and placed 13th on Shiraishi on his first attempt. Mindblowing!

Anyway, we came across some heavy drizzle once we got off the river on the way up, then it dried out.
We stopped for a food break, and climbed Shiraishi where the road became wet again.
I'd only climbed Shiraishi once before, and this time it was a marathon for me, 14 minutes slower than my first time.
I was happy to finally get to the top.

Going across the top and descending Takashino was lethally slippery. That thin film of mud across the road had me cringing every time I hit my brakes.
Got into a nice downhill hammer with @echothree when things dried out further down (of course, the lad can descend too).

All the way back in, I was basically just dropping off the speedsters and suffering.

I hopped off at Nishi Urawa Station, just below Akigase Park with 170kms in the bank, caught the train home to a 2hr afternoon siesta and all was well.

Amidst the sufferfest I only got one good shot, so I've included another one of my son on our rice field adventure yesterday, just for the hell of it..