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Sunday 15th - Tokyo to Utsunomiya (Century)

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Cordial Half-Fast invitation to Ride!


Above is my revised route between Utsunomiya and Tokyo (or the other way round), extended by 10km to make a full Century ride. That's 160 km or 100 miles.

To commemorate (?) crashing into a mate on Wednesday and scuffing my $400 Assos cycling pants, I plan to do this route on Sunday. Forecast is currently 10% chance of rain, partly cloudy, light tailwind, and a max. temperature of 16 degrees C. Perfect!

Course: A few km of Tokyo until we cross the Sumida River. After that, 90% of the ride is on riverside cycle paths. Almost completely flat! Taking in Sendahorigawa, Arakawa, Nakagawa, Kasai Seaside Park, the entire Edogawa, lunch (and beer) at Keyaki-chaya next to Sekiyado Castle if they're open, then Tonegawa, Watarasegawa, Omoikawa, Sugatagawa, and Tagawa. Abundant opportunities to bail out by train. Juicy gyoza (and beer) at Kirasse for those who make it to the end.

Tempted? Last time we did this we ran into a huge storm. Twelve riders started. Only six finished.

Depart from the Grand Hyatt at 08.00 sharp, Sunday 15th Feb. Bring your helmet, lights, bike in proper working order, and bike bag. It will be cold in the morning, but much warmer later, so please layer your clothing appropriately.

Train back to Tokyo from JR Utsunomiya offers a choice of Shinkansen 1hr/4,800yen or semi-express 2hr/1,890 yen.

You will have previously easily ridden at least 100 km if you are to enjoy this ride and avoid annoying everyone else. Where the course permits we'll probably be cruising at 25 - 35 km/h, but there are some long stretches where the speed-demons can go even faster (and then hang around for a few minutes while we catch up).

*Let me know if you plan to join* so I can contact you in the event of cancellation.

Keep the rubber side down, folks!

-- Mike
-- 080-3403-0239
-- [email protected]
-- http://halffastcycling.com/
Like the last time you lot went to Sekiyado, I may tag along a part of the way...
I'm guessing you'll be going via Noda around 11ish...

The cycling path near Matsudo is all a mess at the moment so you may have to go on the road for a few kms. (construction).

Just looked at your map... the cycling path may be a mess further down towards Edogawa-ku as well.

A lot of my friends have given up on riding that area for a few months... you may need to look into that and ask a few people who have ridden there recently....

Till March 19th...

From the mixi Edogawa cycling community list.




Edogawa - Tokyo side construction

Thanks for the reminder. Yes it was a real mess last time we went to Sekiyado. We ended up riding in the road and then crossing over ASAP.

Glad to see they're spending everyone's taxes replacing a perfectly good levee with a different levee.

How did this ride pan out? I finished our Sunday morning ride at Misato and 3 or 4 of us stuck around talking for about 2 hours. I had my eyes peeled looking across the river but didn't see you.

After Saturday's warm weather (in winter wear) I wore my summer gear on Sunday...after almost freezing to death I went home. I'm guessing you probably past me as I was having a shower... around noon.
(t)rusty GPS says we went under the railroad and R6 opposite Misato at 11:03.

Classic Half Fast Tour - it was mildly eventful. Nine started, six finished. One chap broke a spoke just as we hit the Edogawa. No spares - wobbled home. One retired after 70 km, and another after 90 km. One took a tumble down the Edogawa levee and got 8 puncture wounds in a line from his own chainwheel, although after some first aid he went on to complete the ride!

The early cross to the left bank worked well as we avoided all the construction nasties. The phrase "Where's this effing tailwind then, Mike" was heard more than once that morning.

Oodles of noodles at Keyaki. The wind turned around while we were eating, making the afternoon a breeze (ahem).

The smaller riverside paths in the last 30 km going into Utsunomiya were bumpier than I remembered - lots of teeth rattling there, slowing us down somewhat, and any lapse of concentration could land the front wheel in a pothole.

Arrived at Utsunomiya precisely at sunset. Beer and gyoza very welcome, as predicted. Grand day out.

Having started in Kanagawa, I rode all seven prefectures of Kanto that day :cool:


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