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Sunday 13 Ride Anyone?


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
Hi all,
I am planning to do this 120 km ride tomorrow:


From Takao station, over Wadatoge then linking up with Route 30 as discovered by Sergey. From there, through Tsurishi and climb up to Michisakara tunnel, then drop down to Doshi Mitchi. Finish on route 76 around the south side of Sagamiko and back to Takao.

I want to be rolling by 9am. Meet 8:45 am at the south exit coin lockers at Takao station or next to the Family Mart at the north exit at 8:50 am.
Let me know if you're coming.

Hey Alan,
This one looks nice - I'll join you at Takao (Family Mart)
A bit too late, but thanks for planning this ride and for the nice company, Alan.

It was a fast-paced and a tough one. The route is great - 120km (150km for me, riding out) with 2000m of uphill. Minimal stops, great roads, all in all, an excellent training!

I will definitely make it my regular ride :)
Thanks for the company along the way.
I clocked 124 km for the loop in 4 hrs 37 minutes giving a respectable 26.8 km/h moving average. and we kept our total stoppage time down to less than 1 hour which is not bad at all.

I realised afterwards that the stats for this ride (distance, elevation) line up very well with the upcoming Giro de Hotaka, so I will be returning to this loop for training too.

See you next time,
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