Ride (Sunday 11/3): café et takao


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Mar 4, 2019
Been a while since I've gone on a Sunday Tama coffee run, so posting in case anyone wants to join in for a semi-leisurely morning spin 🚲

Start: Cross Coffee 7am Sunday 11/3
End: Cross Coffee, hopefully by 12am depending on length of coffee breaks. there's also train options from takao station back to middle of tokyo.
Pace: fairly relaxed, stick together. If you want to Test Your Might up the one hill of Otarumi-Toge just wait at the top 🙃

Coffee options are flexible, can either be at the start (Cross Coffee), or the midway point (Zebra Coffee).

Route is just going down the Tama trail, up Takao, and around Sagamiko. I was planning on returning the same way but there's always the flatter shorter way back too.

Post or PM if interested!

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Jul 6, 2019
I may also have a hangover, but will do my bestest to be there for this - sounds like a great idea :)

Never managed to go to Zebra - I always manage to go past it without realising. Maybe tomorrow is the day...!
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Jan 24, 2018
I was jealous as hell when I saw the photo of this ride. I would have liked to have gone.
Fortunately, I was riding with a pretty delicious lady at the time (albeit one with delightfully poor taste in men), so I got over my envy pretty quickly.
But it did look like a ride I could have done without being too great a burden on the rest of those taking part, so it was a bummer to miss. Even more so now I have heard what fun everyone had.