Sunday 1 April - The Boso Back-Road Bash


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
Hi All,
On Sunday, the day after the "Tour de la Pink", my wife and I are planning an afternoon ride over in Chiba Prefecture.
I have a route of about 65 km that I'd like to try; it looks nice on a Google Earth fly through. This will be a relaxed ride, plenty of bail out opportunities along the way (or opportunities to do more!), with some nice scenery too.
Route can be found here:
Also in English attached to this message.

The start point is JR Kazusakameyama station on the Kururi line. It's something of a headache to get to from Tokyo (I'll be driving there), but it appears a train gets in at 11:09 am according to
We will therefore start rolling at 11:30 am.

Anyone who want to join, please let me know.

I haven't ridden the whole route before, so there may be some faffing with maps and GPS, but it should be fine. I also have plans to build this route into a much bigger tour later in the year.