Ride SUN, Aug 24th - Green line, Yamabushi to Hanno

Aron B

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Mar 24, 2012
Nerima-ku, Tokyo
It'll be hot & humid, so a medium climbing/distance ride this time. We'll follow the shades of the Green Line, drop down to the 299 after Ono-toge and ride up the other side of Yamabushi-toge to return to Hanno (or Oume).
Soba lunch on the Green Line is an option.

Meet Time: 7:00am
Meet Place: Spaceship (HERE)
Climbing: 1400m?
Distance: 120km
Route: HERE
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May 29, 2012
I was really looking forward to riding with you guys again, but despite my best efforts and Mark's miracle Juice recipe a cold has got me down and I have to sit this one out :cry:

Have a good one, I'll be on the next one hopefully


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Sep 20, 2012
Asakadai, Saitama
I was pretty unsure about joining this ride today. I did a full day ride yesterday and didn't get to bed until 1am this morning. When my alarm went off at 6am, I was very tempted to roll over and go back to sleep. But I didn't.
I met up with everyone at 7am at the spaceship then we continued on towards the mountains. Darragh thought Aron's internal GPS was better than his Garmin. Turns out it wasn't. After a few u-turns we were back on track but that is where @Chikako left us. Her shoes were tight on her feet so apparently she needed to buy some new feet!
We hit the lower slopes of the greenline and climbed up. After not so long, Darragh realised that yet another spoke in his rear wheel had gone ping. It's becoming a regular thing these days. He decided it would be best to cut his ride short and head straight for Hanno. I decided to join him as I had to go in to Tokyo for some birthday shopping. Aron and Antoine continued along the greenline. Hope you guys had a good ride.
I left Darragh at Hanno station, from where I rode home. Nice little ride to stretch the legs.
And now for some pics



Once in a blue moon, the iPhone can capture a decent picture without the need for dodgy filters. This is one of those times. The burger meester on his way up.


The burger meester and the spoke popper.



Antoine flexing his muscles


Darragh through a burst of sunlight


Some lake that I have no idea what the name is. It was very nice though.

Aron B

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Mar 24, 2012
Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Five set out in surprisingly pleasant weather, but only two remained. After we split off @Antoine and I had soba at the 'first' restaurant as we were notified after five minutes waiting that the 'second' one wouldn't open for another fifteen minutes. We rode on, descended Karibazaka-toge, where I got a puncture in the front tire. Up Shomaru-toge, all the way to Oume. @Antoine took the train and I rode home, with a nice 160km on the clocks. Traffic seemed to be lighter on this Sunday afternoon compared to the usual Saturdays, especially far fewer trucks. With the current forecast, we may be riding once more next Sunday.

Thanks all for coming out.

That white rock is for some reason called 天文岩.