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Ride Sun, April 13: Okutama Boob


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
I'll be doing this ride on Sunday (RWGPS map). 90 km with 1,700 m of climbing. Moderate pace as always :)

Meet me in front of Musashiitsukaichi station at 09:00, departure at 09:10. Grab some food at 7-11 about 2.3 km up the road, then head up to Tomin no mori (brief stop there) and over the top down to Okutama lake. Lunch at the restaurant near the T-junction at the lake. Back in Musashiitsukaichi within 6 to 6 1/2 hours.

Since I'll be doing this ride as Setagaya-Okutama-Setagaya (180 km) I'll be passing the Tsurukawa Highway (Rt19) bridge, Tokyo side on my way up the Tamagawa around 07:00 for another rendezvous point, if you also want to ride out.

For less distance and climbing, you can head 13 flat km over to Okutama station (Ome line) from the lunch time restaurant instead of climbing back up to Tomin.

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