Ride Sun 28th Sep: Ura-Onekan Ride


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Oct 2, 2012
Continuing exploration of Ura-Onekan. Lots of winding country roads, short and steep climbs, a little bit of CX-ing and Onekan on the way back. Pace will be fairly stately considering the road surfaces up to and not including Onekan.
Likelihood of getting lost is approximately 100%. Optional extra climbing on way back either with a 10 km loop or small climbs around Tama.

Time: 7:30 am (final)
Place: Lawson here
Climbing: 850 m
DIstance: 60 km
Route: link
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Jul 3, 2012
I was planning on doing onekan nice and early tomorrow so I'm up for this. I can meet you at 7:30 latest though as I need to get back early. Legs only just recovered from our last ura-outing.
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Mar 4, 2008
Can't join tomorrow, but that is my playground!
Next time I can show you some great roads including some climbs of 22 percent!!


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Jul 3, 2012
Three set off from the Lawson to explore new "roads".

Our ride leader was this trustworthy man:

And not this lazy man... This shot was taken while the leader took off on a jog down a roped off mud lane in search of a road. The lazy man thought it was a nice place for photos.

We did however find a road again and headed off on our 23Cs.

We were soon back in the shade though on some lovely trails.

It turned out that we got our only "massive blowout" on a normal road though. This one ripped the tube up in the way you can only stare at it and laugh. Got any patches???

How hard can this ride leading thing be anyway? I thought I'd have a go and had clearly found the way out.

Follow me everyone!

We were no better off though so all we could do was look up, trust our clever navigator and chief adventurist to lead us out to the end of the onekan and normal civilization.

Great job leading this ride @GrantT. You have a knack for creating the most memorable rides that give you constant giggles at where we end up.

I had to bail quite quickly at the end as it was the wife's birthday and she had an appointment at 1pm. Hmmm. Even the wind couldn't stop me from claiming some PRs on the way home to make sure I wasn't late. This means I'll be let out again!!! Whew.