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Ride Sun. 28th Feb. Arakawa+

Mlac Peek

Peek pace master
Jun 12, 2012
Hey all

I'm heading up the Arakawa Sunday morning. Planning to hit Monomiyama and some foothills in the Tokigawa area, and hope for a tailwind on the return leg. The weather is supposed to be good so this will be a solid endurance training ride in perfect winter conditions. Who's up for some? Arakawa++.jpg
Meet: Spaceship.
Time: 7am
Distance: 150km+
Pace: LSD


Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
Sounds like fun. Wave of you see me on the Arakawa (if I can get up early enough for a run).
Hope you don't have the wind that we had today. Was good training coming back down the Arakawa.


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
Looks like a cross wind for the return leg tomorrow, cross head. Joy joy:cool:Just in time for the Spring Classics


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
Nothing beats the wind on the Japan Sea coast.

We have ropes on buildings to help folks get around the corners!

Here's a set of intervals I did last week:


6.5 minutes into the wind x 3. 300 plus watts for 27 kmph.

The rest interval, with the wind on my back, is faster. 90 watts for 28 kmph.

I was totally shagged after that ride.

Embrace the wind lads!




Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Epic ride boys! As long as I have been riding with you Mr. @Mlac Peek you never fail to impress with your ability to slog it out mile after mile into the massive, all encompassing, much worse than anything in tochigi, headwinds. My hats off as always mate!

Anyway it was my longest Ride since sometime in 2014 and while totally hammered for the last part I really enjoyed it. Great weather, company, and all the rest.
Still a ways to get my endurance back but it's on it's way.

Cheers lads on a great day!


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
A cold morning and a warm but windy afternoon. It was good to be out.
Nice to meet you @Cory M.
@Mlac Peek you never stop giving, thanks for leading the way. We may never know what you carry in your biddon case but Heath will continue to guess. @Heath and I were nearly run off the road by some random ciggy smoking mouth breather who decided it was time he committed random acts of violence for no good reason.
Bloody knackered, bet you are too @theBlob. Longest ride for about a year!

Heading out for niku and beer now. Have to get off the couch first...

Mlac Peek

Peek pace master
Jun 12, 2012
Awesome day for it today folks - perfect weather after a nippy start and even the headwind on the way back couldn't take away the fun of riding with you creeps.. Thanks for coming out lads!

Good to see @Cory M. after a bit of a hiatus, shame you had to turn around early mate but I hope the Tokyo marathon was fun for you and the family. Ace to have @theBlob back in the bunch despite his constant whining and pleas to go more slowly; hurry up and build that endurance fella! @Musashi13 was just shy of clocking 200km at the end of the day and @Heath was over 210km after slogging back down the Arakawa into a constant and nagging headwind - excellent work compared to my paltry 161km. Cheers for coming out and blasting us up the river boys! It feels like the season is slowly beginning to change into Spring so I'm looking forward to some warmer temps.

Right then, here are the usual suspects in a little bit of hilly action. Enjoy!

Arakawa+  065.jpg

Arakawa+  066.jpg

Arakawa+  067.jpg


Maximum Pace
Dec 13, 2014
That was one hell of a day on two wheels!

@Musashi13 and I won the Distance Awards for the day. No other faggots (< Yes, politically incorrect, but I don't care!) even came remotely close to us.

@Cory M. took out the Busiest Schedule award with a run up the river at the crack of dawn, and then back to take his young fella to the Tokyo Marathon and hand out a, 'fully laced' drink at the the 30km point to his mate who was running in the event.

@theBlob took out the Tenacity In The Face Of Adversity award by completing the longest and hardest ride he's done since his pre-injury days. Had a bit of whinge toward the end there, but we'll give him that.

@Mlac Peek took out The Most Wattage Produced In Saitama On 2/28/2016 award by a long shot.
I did manage to stay with him for 3 laps of Monomiyama, and subsequently rolled for the next 2 laps in a state of cardiac arrest.


Fat Barstard.jpg

award, went to that old fart who tried to kill @Musashi13 and myself for no reason what-so-ever....fair dinkum...that was just...WOW!
He tried to do @Musashi13 over once, and me twice.

Now for my photos....

The sun had risen, and things were hotting up.

I pulled a sit by taking a wrong turn and falling behind. Nice strategy!

@Cory M. and @Mlac Peek

The Awesome Foursome


H...hmmm! @Mlac Peek


Cory M.

Maximum Pace
Dec 18, 2012
Thanks for the ride guys, just now caught my breath.

Was great to find @Heath practically waiting outside my door, and to have he and @Musashi13 to ride up with to meet @Mlac Peek & @theBlob . I appreciate how some of @Heath 's pics make it look like I was actually riding out front, because that definitely wasn't the case. When we were riding in the pace line it was a blast, although I couldn't stop my right elbow from wiggling as soon as I got up front...

My only funny story (read depressing) story was riding home solo on the river and having some fat fuck who was at least 15 years my senior with flat pedals and a mirror on his bars giving me a run for my money. I know I've lost some fitness, but I was definitely riding over 30 kph and couldn't drop the bastard. Clearly a case of an internal motor, but didn't have my magnets with me to verify.

Looking forward to more pain soon.
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