Ride Sun 21 December Miura Loop


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
Great ride today gentlemen! I may have undersold the pace a bit; we were actually travelling "quite fast" rather than "moderate speed". We had a nice tailwind on the way down to Misaki port, and once we were south of Zushi and away from the traffic lights, we were able to zip along nicely. The road was still a bit damp from yesterday's rain, and there were a few clouds in the sky, but it was not too cold considering it's late December. We arrived at the port too early for minestrone soup, just three hours after setting off, but the ladies there heated some up for us so we were able to have a hot lunch. On the way back we were fighting the wind but we were able to use TCC's Big Engines to batter on at a good pace. @Gunjira came pretty close to falling into the ocean while trying to demonstrate some cyclocross skills; I was sure he or his bike, or both, would be swept away by the rising tide! We stopped once more for photos on the way home and arrived back at Yokohama at 2:30; right on schedule!