Sun 17 - Backroads Boso


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(Edited in bold with new route, start time, and train info.)

Was planning a backroads Boso run on Sunday 17th and thinking it would be nice to have company and maybe make it my first TCC ride of the year...

Start: Honda (誉田) Station (JR Sotobo Line)
Time: Sunday 17th, rollout 8:30 AM sharp, back 4 pm latest
Finish: Honda Station

It'll be one of the usual loops south from Honda; thinking of heading fast to Kamogawa via Otaki and then climbing back from the coast via the long rindo between 81 and 82. Haven't drawn a route yet, but it will be about 130km, up-and-downy, low traffic roads; something similar to the Chazzer farewell tour but not exactly:

Final Route:

Moderate road bike pace, but the route is fairly challenging so not recommended for absolute beginners.

Anyway, please let me know if interested. I'll try to finalize route and times over the next day or two. There's a chance I'll have to cancel due to family/work stuff, but will know by Friday one way or another.

Train Info
(JR Yokosuka/Sobu Kaisoku out of Tokyo Station)

(JR Sotobo-sen to Naruto)

You can also get the Keisei out to Soga and change to the Sotobo-sen there.


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May 6, 2012
Hi Phil,

I used to live in Amatsu.
Your route practically passes by my old apartment, actually.
Oh how I miss the Kiyosumi climb and the following Yoro-line.

I can't join you this coming Sunday, unfortunately, but am definitely in for future rides in the area.

Hope to meet and ride with you then.


hat and beard

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Apr 3, 2012
I'm planning on doing an almost identical ride on Friday, except starting from Chiba Station and rinkoing myself back from Kamogawa. I'm busy on Sunday, but would love to join a ride some other time. I usually don't have anyone to ride with in Chiba. :(


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John, Chikako > Sorry you can't make it, but hopefully next time!

hat and beard > Have a good ride on Friday. Definitely more TCC-ers on the west side so harder to find fellow riders out here. We'll have to try and arrange some rides in the future.
(Incidentally, if you are planning to use the 81 to get to the coast, it was closed due to landslides last Sunday when I tried to ride up it. Might be cleared by now, however.)


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And route map...

Here's the route...

RidewithGPS claims 3000m of elevation, though not sure how accurate that is. Definitely a climby one, though.

The extra loop at the 25km mark is a new one for TCC (Travis and I have done it in the opposite direction). It's not a big climb, but it's a very pleasant low-traffic detour...

For the climb back from the coast, I actually had to fill in a different route as the rindo I want to use does not show fully on the RidewithGPS map (it does exist, I descended it last weekend). The actual route will head inland a couple of kms to the west as drawn, but the climbing and distant should be fairly similar. Those who did the Chazzer Farewell Tour will remember it...


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Pete > It'll be good to see you again--it's been a while.

Lupo > Looking forward to meeting you!

There are no lockers at Honda, unfortunately. Slight chance I'll bring my car to the station, but I wouldn't count on it...some of the guys have had luck stashing rinko bags under girders and the like around the station; otherwise I guess you'll need to portage your stuff.


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Oct 25, 2011
Setagaya, Tokyo
For any mountainous route the RideWithGPS climbing/decending totals for a plotted map are almost exactly 200% of reality.
Same experience here: I plotted my brevet ride course on RWGPS and it told it was 5300 metres, versus 2800 m by the event organizers and 2600 m measured by Jayves' Garmin Edge 800.


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Pete and Lupo > Well, the forecast for Chiba is calling for rain until noon tomorrow, so I think it's best that we cancel this one.

Very sorry it didn't work out. I'm going to try and set up another one in the near future, so hopefully see you then!