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Ride Sun. 12 th June Tokigawa Hills

Mlac Peek

Peek pace master
Jun 12, 2012
Apologies for the late late post but if anyone's interested I'm heading out to the hills for a couple of climbs and back tomorrow morning. Usual spin up the Arakawa, probably hit Kasayama and/or Sadamine and zip back down Shiraishi to be back at the Spaceship by 1pmish.

Meet: Spaceship
Time: 6am
Distance: 140km+
Pace: Peek pace

Might vary from the route once we're in the hills but bail point would be Ogawamachi.

See you on the road!

Cory M.

Maximum Pace
Dec 18, 2012
Best message ever from Chih about this ride:
Enjoy your suffer fest! Thanks to Anthony's pulling I got back at 10:30 sharp. Hit the wall with abt 20km left and he kindly gave me one of his gel. This is the hardest ride of my life so far. Keep getting dropped but he kept slowing down to allow me to latch back. Ride so hard that skin on both my butt cheeks are torn!!!
Of course he wouldn't likely have needed that help getting home if @theBlob hadn't been trying to kill us with the pace on the way out.

First ride with TCC in a while, and first time ever having to get the train home - oh the shame!
The highlight was definitely @kawa 's new kit - riding behind him was like following the sunrise! Classy as always!


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Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
I would like to point out at this point that the Sunday ride has always been a hammerfest. @Mlac Peek has just been being nice to you in my absence. Today I was just trying to prod the sleeping beast out of his slumber. And anyway @kawa started it all by showing up:warau::warau::warau:


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
Sorry I wasn't able to join in, sounds like just what I need right now. June is taking me from behind:(

Mlac Peek

Peek pace master
Jun 12, 2012
So it was nice to roll up to the spaceship and find not only @Cory M. but also @theBlob and @kawa. @Cory M. had brought along his mate Chih, poor soul. @theBlob and @kawa decided to set a blistering pace up the river so we made quick progress. @kawa left early and after Monomiyama so did @theBlob and Chih. @Cory M. and me span over to Sadamine and took on all comers up the hill which was a lot of fun. Back down Shiraishi and over to Sakado where @Cory M. decided to jump ship and take the train from Kawagoe. So in the end it was yours truly slogging into a steady headwind all the way back down the river. Good times!

@Cory M. digging deep at the top of the second climb.

@theBlob attacking Monomiyama.

Thanks for coming out lads! More of the same next weekend...
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