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Suggestions: 2/3 day trips FROM tokyo wanted/NEEDED!


May 23, 2011
Hey guys!
since my Tokyo to Kyoto trip I have been riding like crazy.
mostly only have a morning or afternoon that I can get away from school so i'll go for some short 60-70 km rides up the edogawa or arakawa or WHEREVER.
Also had a bit of an accident in Kamakura:

a bunch of scrapes plus a fractured finger, but was still (thankfully, as i hadn't brought my bike bag) able to bike back to Tokyo after cleaning it all up.

anyways I do have mondays off of school, which means I can technically be gone from noon saturday until monday night.
I've been trying to scope out some good 2/3 day trips FROM tokyo.
Yesterday I was planning on biking up to Kusatsu onsen, staying the night and then biking home. BUT at about the 75km mark I had to turn around due to severe heat exhaustion.
I am definitely still planning on doing that trip ASAP, but was wondering if you guys had any other recommendations?
I was thinking NIkko as well.
I would prefer not to take the train (saving time and money), so...thats why I do the return trip as well.
Also I have a fixed gear bike and am still not so keen on hills.
I can bike on flat ground forever but when it comes to elevation over 400-500m I just stop having fun.
So, i guess, exploring Fuji area is sort of out of the question.
has anyone been up around Ibaraki area?

anyways, any suggestions, ESPECIALLY if you have route maps, would be greatly appreciated.
Hope everyones coping well in this heat!


Sep 2, 2009

You OK? There are loads of people on this website who would be more than willing to come and take you to hospital (myself included).

Please let us know if you are OK.

Were you wearing a helmet and can you remember hitting your head?


May 23, 2011

Shoot! i did not put that photo up to cause any sort of panic!
Don't worry, everything is fine!
it happened 4 days ago.
I went to the hospital in Kamakura and they cleaned up all the wounds and splinted my finger, but by the time all that was done I was already feeling up to riding back home.
didn't hit my head, and no cars were involved.
I hate to admit it, but it was a typical case of distraction (i was meters from the 鎌倉大仏, and somehow managed to hit the curb and DUE TO THE DISTRACTION, was not able to get my feet out of the pedal straps on time)
sorry, for any panic.
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