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Suddenly Saturday!


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Takao loop!
120 mountainous kilometers, starting at around 9:30am from Takao.
Please check the map:

The first 3/4 of the map is correct, but the last part will include a surprise detour, courtesy of Deej - somewhere near the Jimba Onsen.

Sorry about the late notice :(
I'll be catching the train out from Tokyo, but will be riding back into town.
Hope to see a few familiar faces there!
Travis & Deej
Thanks Travis,

I'll meet you, guys, at the conbini next to Takao st., 9:30am.
Thanks for posting, T!

I'll see everyone at the combini at 9:30. This is gonna be a real leg-softener. Can't wait!


(I'll be training it out and back)
Ugh...the weather forecasts look rather ambiguous, some predict rain at 12.00, others 17.00...
Anyways, 70% probability is enough to keep me from going to the mountains. I'll pass on this one :(
Hi Guys

How was the ride ????? I am thinking about doing something like this monday 25th if theres some who wants to join as I dont know the area at all. I am just here working this month.

Also the 26th and 27th I am free for riding outside Tokyo in nice green area. Thought about Kamakura ride as I want to go see the buddha ;-) there and then back, anyone who has suggestions about trips??


Thanks for the great ride yesterday, guys! Fortunately, the weather held out for us and we were able to do the complete route (plus the "secret" rindo at the end.)

Just a quick recap. David, Travis (YellowGiant) and I met up at the Takao 7-11 at 9:30 and made our way to Wada, where we scaled the Tokyo side, which is steeper than the western approach. After a few weeks of going solo, the blokey banter was paradise. Jokes of questionable appropriateness were told; many chuckles were had.

Anyway, I had planned on spinning it nice and easy to the top, but after all the smack I've been talking about shattered records, etc., I figured if I took it slowly, doubt might be cast on the veracity of my solo exploits. So after taking the first couple hundred meters easy, and watching David ride away, I turned on the gas a bit -- and turned up the pain -- and put in a pretty decent effort. (EDIT: 16:57, for those interested. Which is probably only me.)

From the top of Wada-toge, we rolled down the other side then climbed up to Kobu Tunnel (the Kobu tunnels?). Again, more banter, as Travis quoted scenes from the movie "Pineapple Express." David led the way to the top.

From there, we enjoyed a fast descent that eventually saw us turning upward again for the approach to Kazahari-rindo. Again, I was in no mood to do a time trial, as frankly, I'm getting tired of hurting myself just so you guys can think I'm the best cyclist from Montana you've ever known. But as we spun up the base of the climb, with David again pulling away, a little voice inside my head said: "Are you gonna let this clown beat you?" (David, I'm exaggerating for the purpose of enhancing the hilarity. You are anything but a clown.)

So again I put in a pretty decent effort and ended up at the top in a respectable time. Not that I was watching the clock. EDIT: Whoa. I just checked my previous best time -- 35:55. My time on Saturday was 35:07. Ladies and Gents, a new Kazahari-toge record.

From there, we rolled down to the store near the top of Tomin-no-Mori to refuel. Curry buns are good. Real good.

It was foggy up there, and a light rain had begun. I was in full-on summer regalia, without arm warmers or a jacket, so I was a touch cold. We decided to roll down to escape the rain, hoping it was a local shower.

The descent was fast, and then I decided to do a little time-trialing on the rolling bits, chasing down anyone I caught in my sights. The quads were burning, but I was determined not to ease up until the turnoff leading to the climb up to Kobu Tunnel. At the intersection at the base of the climb, Okey-san rolled up. He said he thought he might run into us here, and sure enough, he did. Cool. After admiring his beautiful Look and new Easton wheels, we rode up to the tunnel together then down the other side. No rain.

After a nice descent, we stopped at an intersection to discuss the game plan for the rest of the ride. Travis, who is just getting back into the hills after a long break, had had enough serious climbing for the day and decided to roll down to Uenohara then take Route 20 over Odarumi and back to Takao. Bye Travis! We love you!

David, Okey-san and myself opted to ride back toward Wada then take the Jimba onsen rindo, which neither of them had done before. The first quarter or third of the climb is quite steep, and Okey-san's Garmin recorded 18% at one point. But the gradient eases considerably and the pace picks up to around 20kph. We had to be on the lookout for rocks, but it was still a peaceful and scenic ride.

After cresting the pass, we rolled down the other side, enjoying some sweeping views before hitting Route 20. From there, we rode up and over Odarumi, then down to Takao Station. On the descent, my front wheel started screeching horribly, and I thought I had a flat or something. We all stopped and I spun my front wheel. Everything seemed OK. We rolled down again, this time with me in the back just in case, and once again, my wheel started screeching when I hit about 50kph. I could also feel some friction coming from the front wheel. Hmm. It seemed like my bearings or something in the wheel were the problem. I stopped again, and noticed a small feather stuck to my front brake, as well as some ectoplasmic goo under my fork. Had I run over a bird? Still, the wheel spun smoothly when I inspected it. I completed the rest of the descent at a slower pace, scared that my front wheel was going to seize up. I'll have to get that checked out.

We said our goodbyes outside Takao Station, with David taking the JR train back, me taking the Keio line home, and Okey-san riding back.

Wonderful, wonderful outing. And lots of climbing -- I'd say we approached 3,000 meters.

Until next time!

Sounds fantastic,.- I am doing that route tomorrow from Takaosan st. Taking a train from Shinagawa early morning. I will find out later what train to catch direct from Shinagawa to Takao if thats possible.

Is there any problems bringing the bike on the train ???????????????

Travis, Deej and Okey-san - Thanks to you all for a great day out in the hills. After not doing any climbing since the KT training rides, i am not suprisingly rather tired today and so enjoying doing very little.

Deej - the hidden Jimbo Onsen Rindo is one that i will remember for a long time and will be keen to do it again sometime soon. BTW the CSC rider i was banging on about is Kurt-Asle Arvesen.

See you all next time

Is there any problems bringing the bike on the train

Hi Thomas,

Sorry I was unable to answer this sooner. To bring your bike on a train, you need to place it in a bag, which are widely referred to here as a "rinko bukuro".

This link might help.

Good luck!


P.S. Here's a link to the map of the route that David, Okey-san and I took yesterday, the one with the "secret" climb.
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