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Strictly for the Knobby: SRAM XX is coming!


Oct 15, 2008
This thread is mtb-specific so those with limiting thin-tire cycling requirements should stop reading now.

For a few years SRAM has had their XO shifters and rear derailleur, competing directly with Shimano`s top-drawer XTR grouppo. Well SRAM are now rumored, or perhaps it`s more than a rumor, to be releasing XX, a ten-speed-for-mtb grouppo this May, or summer, depending on the rumor mill:


This site even has a supposedly real `leaked` poster showing the full grouppo, making use of SRAM`s various brands (Avid disc brakes, Truvativ cranks, Rockshox forks):


I wanted to let those interested know, but also to ask if anyone has:

1. Any more information about SRAM XX
2. Any information about what Shimano may be planning for the future of XTR. The current 970 series is getting a bit long in the tooth and with the new DuraAce and Ultegra out I was thinking the `980` series may be in the works.

Anybody heard anything?

Any comments on this?

Also, for any of you using SRAM`s road groups, you might be interested in these:

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