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Help Strange Bicycle; reverse pedal; what was it?


Speeding Up
Nov 1, 2009
I was riding in Miura Beach today when I saw an odd, very interesting bicycle. I did not have much of an opportunity to place close attention to details as it flew past me.

Looked like a silver folder, but it was not a folding bike. It had 16 inch wheels. The rear wheel was a full disc. It had a large, single chain ring on the crank set and a small cassette on the rear. It was very aero with a carbon fork, bull horn bars. Looked like a single front brake.

The chain was twisted, so the cyclist pedaled it in reverse to make it go forward. This guy was fast too. Any idea what it was?

I guess it was some kind of training bike used to exercise a different muscle group, but really no idea. I know runners sometimes will run backwards to work different muscles. I have never seen this idea put on a bike.
Saw one at the 2009 Japan King of Endurance. The bike is probably just a standard compact road bike and the chain system is probably built using a kit.
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