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Jul 28, 2008

I'm moving to Tokyo in a couple of weeks with my partner. We've got a lovely traditional flat in Ichigaya, and it's so traditional there isn't much space. I'm happy to leave my fixie chained up on the verandah as we're deep in a back alley and I can't imagine crime'll be a big problem (most bikes aren't even locked round there and the ones that are might as well not be). I'm not so sure about my road bike though, I'd rather have that somewhere away from people. Any suggestions? I was hoping Tokyo might have somewhere where I can just drop in and store the bike for most of the week. It's not ideal but better than worrying every night. Or is it true that crime is so astonishingly low that I could get away with it?

Have my bike in the doorway. It's not so much thieves that worry me, but the weather.

Not sure of any storage places in Tokyo.
You can always squeeze them in somewhere. Front wheels off and a rack up high or on a wall or from the ceiling... hang them from the front wheel vertically or by the seat. Get a high bed and slide one under the bed? Get a higher bed and put them both under... I'm currently sleeping on a bunk bed in the spare room as my main room is having some work done in it... Can store a lot under it and it has a curtain so you can hide it all as well.
peter means something like this. perfect for the spare room
That's the one. We even have a spare one if anybody wants it. (we have a few too many beds in this place).
Thanks for the responses but our flat will be very small (as in, I can touch the ceiling and the doorways are about 5'10" so I have to duck) and I'm not sure I can fit three bikes in. I've got considerable experience from London - six years as a messenger tells you a lot about bikes. However, this is a different circumstance. I'll find a way of course. I have a wall-hanger coming with the bikes and all the rest of the crap in November. I'll check with our eccentric local landlord whether I can fix it up but the walls don't look too strong. Oh well, maybe Emma'll have to sleep on the verandah.

Is the weather in Japan that unkind to bikes? I was obviously going to cover them with tarp. I don't do that here and there's plenty of rain pain but my bikes have always been OK. Mind, my working fixie could do with a respray now.
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