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Steven from Canberra


Dec 10, 2009
Hajimemashite! I'm Steven, from Canberra AU. Heading to Japan for a few weeks' travel in Spring 2010 and will be cycling as much as possible while there.

I race (very badly) for the Vikings Cycling Club, one of the two Cycling Australia clubs in Canberra with about 250 members. I also do some race directing, run the occasional alleycat and fixed-gear crit, and ride in some of our local XC events.

TCC seems to be a very diverse group and this board is the best English-language introduction to competitive cycling in Japan that I've seen! Thank you for providing the resource :)

Looking forward to learning more about what's going on, and hopefully meeting some of you next year.
Welcome Steven:D I'm a fellow Aussie and look forward to riding with you. Spring is the perfect time for riding here. We usually ride in the mountains though, so you might wanna leave that fixed-gear bike at home;)
Thanks Mike!

I enjoy the climbs and it looks like there were a few in spring earlier this year (Mitsumine, Hinoemata, Mt Fuji), so I might either bring my roadie or build one when I arrive.
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