Steady Ride: Ome to Uenohara


Feb 4, 2009
Deej "Otarumi-Jimba Onsen Rindo-Wada" TM + Tallon Traverse

Hi Wolfman,

Id love to join you again and do this route, but I cant do Sunday.

Instead, I plan to extend the "Otarumi-Jimba Onsen Rindo-Wada", patent held by Deej, and add "Tallons traverse" to create a 75km route with virtually 2000m total ascent route tomorrow morning. san/131125750818981270

Also, if I am the first to record a time up Tallons Traverse, do I get my name in the hall of fame, if only for 1 day? It is my only chance to see my name up in shining lights on the glorious TCC Hall of Fame.

Anyone else interested? 08:15 start


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Nov 1, 2005
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Lol, I have just deleted the post you responded to, Phil. You are a moderator, that's why you have a delete option. :p


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Oct 9, 2008
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
I'll be leaving Ome Station at 08:30 for a ride that includes Yanagisawa-Toge (1250m), Daibutsu-Toge (1,600m) and Sasago Toge (900m) before finishing in Uenohara.
That's one of my favourite rides. The other day I added a side valley on the climb to Yanagisawa to the route - really worthwhile in this season. Adds a leisurely hour to the ride (an extra 15km/350m of climbing). Here is the route:

Some corrections to your pass descriptions: Yanagisawa is at almost 1,500m, it's Kaminikkawa Toge (1,600m) below Daibosatsu (which itself is around 2,000m), and the old Sasago Tunnel is at 1,100m.

This may be the last weekend to do Kaminikkawa without snow on the road. My first crossing was in winter and it was tough walking through so much snow.

Have fun (while many of us are racing around Saiko), Ludwig


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Oct 13, 2007
The other day I added a side valley on the climb to Yanagisawa to the route
Yeah, this is a nice little diversion. Clay (echothree) and I did this a couple months ago, and I found it quite scenic. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a severe bonk, and almost all my energy went toward keeping the bike moving. At one point, before reaching the top, I ran out of water and pulled into a gravel driveway leading to a wooden house, hoping to find some liquid refreshment. Outside the rustic house was a man in his mid-sixties, cooking up veggies and meat on a large BBQ. He was shirtless and had a bottle of wine open, and looked to be in heaven. He was rocking a "Picasso" vibe.

I asked him if there was by any chance a vending machine nearby (it's Japan -- it could happen). He laughed and said, "Not in these parts, but feel free to have some of this spring water. It's delicious." He pointed to a flowing faucet over a large sink next to the grill. "I've got beer, too, if you'd like some." I thanked him and said water would be perfect. What an awesome dude. For future reference, he is TCC approved.

Andy -- I hope Tallons Traverse went well! Is that paved? Let us know how it went -- and be sure to give us a time so you can get in the Hall of Fame! :) Unfortunately, once Clay sees it, he'll be out there the next day to steal your thunder. :p

Lee -- wish I could join you, man. I has been way too long since we've ridden together. I have to stay close to home this weekend, but I'm free the next three weekends. Hopefully our paths will cross soon!



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Choices Choices ...


"Tallon's Traverse"... thanks, I do like that name ! Deej, fyi, the road's a bit rough but paved all the way from the bottom to the last 50 metres, where it turns into gravel joining Wada Toge. Great view of Wada Toge 3/4 the way up -


I do love Kaminikkawa Toge, and this may well be one of the chances to climb it before winter. So I'm probably in ! But got a friend in town at the moment so it does kind of depend on the state I find myself in later... :confused:



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Jul 31, 2007
That loop off 411 is pretty nice and Thomas, Philip, Steve, Chazzer and I did it in the summer last year - I hope you didn't encounter that wild dog that's up there. The descent along the left side was the most memorable bit, as I recall. This is the report from that ride.

The major appeal of "Tallon's Traverse" has to be seeing the looks of roadies at the top of Wada when you come down that gravel bit. The road until there is not actually that bad, though it looks wild from Wada.

Deej - I don't think I've done a tour with you at all this year, perhaps since the Enduro last year. Definately up for a ride these next few weeks.

Steve, I'm also facing some danger about tomorrow. A mate is back in town and we're meeting in the pong later. If I can retain my discipline and not stray too far from the straight and narrow, I'll be doing the ride. If so, I'll send you a text in the morning.


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Oct 9, 2008
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
No wild dog when I went through Ichinose valley (maybe someone already slaughtered him at 犬切峠 as the name would suggest), but I was facing the same problem as you, Deej. No water, no vending machine. And no water bottle as I don't take any with me outside the hot summer season (no need in Japan!) A tempting water tap on a private property, but I pulled myself together and went on, knowing there were vending machines just at the point where one gets back into route 411.