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Help Stats for behavioral sciences


Maximum Pace
Feb 5, 2012
I'm throwing darts, but maybe contact J. D. Brown at Temple (also Hawaii). It's been awhile, but he was teaching stats there, and given a brief email to him, he may recommend a present or past student of his that might help.

Thanks I'll look for his name in the Temple directory, and if you know another way to contact him please PM.


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
Thanks for the idea and I will contact that "YIS", what is the nonabarevaited name?

Yokohama International School, I'd imagine.

FarEast said:
Contact some of the international schools - I know TIS, YIS and a few others have teachers that will no doubt be able to help you - however be prepared to pay up and over of 3,000 JPY per hour for thier tuition.

I'm sure that this kind of recommendation is well intended but I can't make sense of it. Perhaps (wild guess) one in five teachers at a grade school knows this stuff; but however short of money these teachers may be, they'll be short of time. (Every high school teacher I know of is knackered with teaching-related work, mind-numbing committee and administrative stuff, and perhaps also acting as a surrogate/deputizing parent/policeman for "problem" students.) Why should they do yet more work (let alone for just three thousand an hour), especially when the subject area (no matter how well they understand it) doesn't overlap with any they routinely cover, and thus would need special preparation? And why should a school help its employees find additional employment elsewhere?

Well, my recommendation (details in PM) is probably unwelcome, but anyway it is (again) to work hard at this by yourself (you'll be aided by the lucidity of the textbook they've chosen for you) until you've managed to understand a lot and can specify the incomprehensible/troublesome areas, and then can find a potential teacher at one rather than four months' notice, impressing this person (perhaps a PhD student, or a highly qualified person who's dropped out of work in order to look after small kids) with the effort that you've already put into this.

So get stuck in! Doing so is probably less painful than staring at the closed textbook and imagining the terrors of studying its content.
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