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Tech SRM PC8 release; Training with power


Maximum Pace
Feb 29, 2008
Talked to SRM in New Zealand by phone today and they confirmed PC8 production is starting in March with release scheduled for April. They have only a few athletes at the TDU on them now.

Those wanting to train with power, there are heaps of power meter options (and trainers with power meters) on the market and the price continues to drop, if slowly.

Using a power meter has completely changed the way I train together with getting on a plan. I'm no pro, but the following has helped me immensely.

- Read 'Training with Power', 'The Cyclists Training Bible', 'Tom Danielson's Core Advantage', 'The Athletes Guide to Recovery', 'Base Building for Cyclists', etc.
- Hire a coach, if even for only 3-6 months. I learned a lot - well worth the money. I know there are a few of them on TCC.
- Get on a plan.
- Enjoy your new found fitness.


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