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Apr 23, 2006

Thought those of you who went to to cycle show particularly might like to see that sram seems to be getting a lot more credibility. It was interesting to see those gears!

here is the article from cylingnews

Saunier Duval-Prodir technicians hold technical meeting
Saunier Duval-Prodir mechanic check
Photo ©: Saunier Duval-Prodir
The whole technical staff at Saunier Duval-Prodir got together in Scott's main office in Fribourg, Switzerland to get acquainted with the new bicycle the Spanish-Swiss team will use next season. A presentation was made of the new carbon frame, Addict, as well as of the other bike parts and accessories.

Saunier Duval-Prodir's technicians were also trained in assembling the bicycle's drive train by technical experts from manufacturer SRAM. Both the mechanics and the technical partners were impressed with the new materials. The team will be the first ProTour team to ever use the complete SRAM component group.
Thanks for the update, Ash!

So, whose going to be the first TCC member switching to SRAM? :)
Leonard Zinn comment on sram


Thought you guys and gals considering sram might want to read the following reply Leonard Zinn gave to somebody wanting to know about sram and shimano compatability:

here it is

SRAM 10-speed
Dear Lennard,
Now that there is a valid third competitor in the 10-speed road arena, I was hoping to see some lower prices. Do you know if the new SRAM 10-speed chains and cog sets are compatible with Shimano 10-speed drive trains?

Dear Bob,
Yes, they are, except that SRAM's 10-speed cogs will not fit on a Shimano 10-speed freehub body - only on a 9-speed Shimano freehub body.
SRAM needs to get a couple more years of test reliability before I switch from Shimano or Campy. They do have a nice looking group, but I'd rather wait!
SRAM needs to get a couple more years of test reliability before I switch from Shimano or Campy. They do have a nice looking group, but I'd rather wait!
Yes, I extremely agree with you. We should wait. But the solid feeling is very attractive for me.:cool:
I know a few guys stateside that like the SRAM components. they are a new company relatively so it will take a bit to see if they become a real contender.

I know that canonndale bikes use SRAM often.

nobody here an SRAM'er?
Also their group is just too damn expensive right now!!! Especially coming out as a new company selling comps.
more on sram

Here is a rather good, quite comprehensive cycling news review of the new sram groupset.


I would have to say having read this that the bottom line is that this:

1. Probably one of the best groupsets on the market
2. Requires complete rewiring of your brain if you are used to using anything else.
3. Very expensive! And not really worth changing to BUT very much worth thinking about if you were buying a new bike.

check it out

I think I will stick with Shimano. I like new stuff but Shimano has never let me down...especially Ultegra/Dura Ace. I see Shimano "stepping up" their game with carbon fiber components in future groupsets just to remain the leader in the bicycle component industry.
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