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SRAM Red or Dura Ace?


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Hey guys, was just looking for opinions on these 2 groupsets. I've read good and bad reviews for Sram Red, some saying it's noisy and needs constant adjustment.

Dura Ace 7800 seems to be sturdy, gear changes are smoother although a little heavier.

I was thinking of getting the new DA 7900 but it's a bit pricey right now, although my LBS said they could sell it around 170, 000. Seems too cheap to me, considering I've heard it's gonna retail around $2500 US.

Any ideas/opinions?

p.s. not interested in campy
On looks alone....

SRAM Red looks really cool. Haven't seen the new DA in the flesh, but the crank looks kind of bulky and a bit too fierce for my liking.
Davad, thanks I just saw it. Lee, Sram does look very cool but was kind of concerned with some of the reviews I've read about it. A real mixed bag of praises and criticisms.
Any ideas/opinions?

p.s. not interested in campy

Not interested in Campy, why not? it's quality serviceable gear. My choice would be chorus but then I don't like shimano's STI with the cables coming out at weird places. To each their own I guess. Sounds like 2008 Dura is what you need.
You can check out the new DA7900 in the `flesh` at Map Sports in the Sendagaya area, just up the road from Narushima Friend. I believe they even have a test bike.
On a different test-topic, if anyone is curious about the extremely anatomic Selle SMP saddles, Art Sports in Okachimachi has a windtrainer set up where you can test out one of those saddles and about 25 others as well... I had a good long spin on one (in my jeans) and decided to get one.

I'm got a mixture of Red and Force on my good bike (and Shimano on my commuter.) Switching between the two shifting styles is not a problem. The shift of the SRAM can sound really loud, but that's just the way it is. Super positive shifting, though... the only problem is that it's hard to make a surprise attack while climbing as everyone can hear the clunk clunk as you shift into a higher gear. :)
For the $/weight and performance, I'd definitely recommend SRAM.
And I've not found it needs any more adjustment than Shimano stuff.
(I know it really upsets the purists, but I've got campy cranks, sram shifters and dérailleurs, DA cluster, and a KMC chain - all works together fine.)

pity you haven't got all that arsenal at your fingertips tomorrow. You're gonna need it with my attacks mate:D
> Not interested in Campy, why not?

yeah, why not interested in Campy, Mike?? :D
I heard you like it Aussie Simon, so I'm gonna stay well clear of it:D
Rival vs Ultegra

Can't comment on Dura Ace or Red, but I do have Rival on one bike and a mix of 105, Ultegra and Ultegra SL on the others.

Pretty much the same impressions as echothree regarding shifting. The oft-used descriptions ("buttery" for Shimano and "clunky-but-in-a-good-way" for Sram) seem accurate.

Functionally, both work equally well. Neither require much fidlling once they're set up.

I still find it a tiny bit harder to shift with the Sram double-tap, sometimes dropping down a cog when I want to shift up. Reguires a bit more wrist effort, too. On the other hand, the brakes feel much more solid, I think because the levers aren't hinged sideways for shifting.

Gram counters tend to prefer Sram. However, the price performance advantage for Sram is less marked in Japan, where Ultegra especially is a fair bit cheaper than overseas (I believe).

I've grown to love the look and feel of the Sram shifters. No bug antenna gives the front end a very clean look and the flat hood tops are easy on the hands. (I understand the new Dura Ace has hidden cables too so that's no longer a Sram advantage.)

The Ultegra SL crank looks a million times better than the Sram crank, but eye of the beholder and all that...
So my LBS has confirmed 170 000 yen for the new Dura Ace. I had a ride on Philip's Soloist (same frame I've ordered) yesterday which is equipped with DA 7800. It was my first time on a carbon frame and the gear changes were quite noisy compared to my aluminum frame with Ultegra. With this in mind there is no way in hell I'm gonna put Sram Red on it as I want to attack with as much stealth as possible. A beautiful ride BTW Philip. Cheers mate.
Let's harass Mike!

Yeah come on Mike, why not....!!!

I've only used Shimano Ultegra 9 (6500) and Dura Ace 10 (7800) and I've been very happy with both. I'm sure Sram Red, and indeed Campagnolo, is fine equipment as well, as they each have many proponents.
Leave me alone...

Man, I'm gonna have to change my avatar with all this bullying going on:confused:
From one Aussie to another I've got to say Campag should top your list. Super Record, Record and Chorus are better performing group sets than Dura-Ace.
Sram is still undergoing teething problems - better to let other riders pay to be beta testers.
"...Campag should top your list. Super Record, Record and Chorus are better performing group sets than Dura-Ace"

Maybe, but all that nude carbon fiber is going to look really cheesy soon (I happen to think it`s getting cheesy already, especially in car interiors). It`s going to be the purple-anodizing of the 21st century. And I`ve worked for Toray and Mitsubishi Rayon (the former is the #1 supplier of CF in the world and the latter makes the world-champ Wilier Cento`s carbon) and I think we should all admit it: carbon fiber is plastic.
However, in the shape of my new carbon frame, wheels, stem, seatpost, it`s beautiful plastic.....
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