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Aug 16, 2012
Hi all,

Would be grateful if anyone could tell me where I can get a repair on / Or a replacement sram shifter in and around Tokyo/ Kanagawa.

I'm no mechanic and am not entirely sure if the shifter is broken.

I rode this morning in the rain and cleaned the bike after removing both wheels. After I couldn't get the chain to shift to the top rear cog. After twiddling without success I took it to asahi but the young guy told me tge shifter was broken. I'm not entirely sure if it is or he broke it - he didn't really seem to understand it.

I'll take it to sagami cycles on Thursday to verify but they don't have srsm stuff. I don't want to wait
as I'm on summer holiday and am damned if I will wait a week or 2 for a part.

Any help appreciated. Apologies for typis.


Maximum Pace
Jan 6, 2012
Try adjusting the cable tension. Quarter turn on the barrel adjuster (counter clockwise). And see if that solves the problem.

Clockwise releases tension and cc adds tension. You need more tension to shift into a bigger gear.
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