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Spring Break


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
OK, before you all start on about how I'm a lucky bastard, yes I agree. On spring break now and hoping to do a bit of riding over the next 4 weeks. Is anyone free during the week for rides in Kanagawa? I usually ride from Hon Atsugi Station into Miyagase/Yabitsu/R413 area. Anyone??????
Mike, my top-secret bike that nobody even knows about should be built up by next weekend. I'd love to do a repeat of the hilly loop we did on our last ride (the one with your secret Wada). Maybe on the 20th (Friday)? I'll let you know when all systems are go!

What a way to make a living....

I radiate envy in your general direction from my office.

Cool Deej, the 20th is fine for me. Can't wait to see your new ride. Alan, hows work mate? he he
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