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Sports Physio?


Jan 23, 2008
Hi again,

I have a re-occuring lower backpain issue. Its not terrible but is very annoying.

I'd like to go and see a sports physio in the Saitama or Tokyo area. Can anyone reccomend someone please. English speaking would be an advantage ;)

great thanks, good is what I'm looking for.

I'll give them a call.

If you can make it to Yabe (about 10 minutes out of Machida on the JR Yokohama line) I can recommend a master massager.

He speaks English well enough, and it is quite cheap.

I consider myself to be his 'bionic man', as he rebuilds me every time I screw myself up with too much cycling, gardening or load-lifting.

In my years in Japan I have had a lot of back problems (all stemming from the time I tired to lift an oven ...), and no amount of visits to 'Western' doctors helped me. I found 'guru' type Japanese massage-men, usually in their late-40's, who were very inscrutable - but were truly masters of their art.

Sadly I have lost the information about the chaps I used to see in Saitama and Ota-ku, but this guy in Yabe is a genius.

Expect pain beyond your wildest imaginings though ... especially on your feet.

PM me if you want his phone number.
cheers snoogly, I have made an appointment with tokyophysio so I guess I will see if they can do the trick first. If I have no luck I'll be in touch.

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