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Dec 3, 2010
timdesuyo called me last night and asked to use my truing stand as he broke a spoke and needed to replace it, and true the wheel.

Once we got the cassette off we saw this......




Gee, wonder why a spoke broke :D

Looks like chain suck I guess.

Tim went to get some new spokes and I dug out the truing stand.

All I did was provide the space and I did make up a dish checking tool.....


I think that Tim did a bang up job......

>> Video Proof <<

Now adjust that derailer so you chain stays on the cassette :D


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
9 speed or 10 speed cassette?

Also check the back of the cassette block as they sometimes stick to the back when there is a lot of grime.

But that that needs sorting out ASAP as it could result in a complete wheel fail.


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Dec 3, 2010
It's a 10 speed, there was no damage that I could see to the back of the cassette.

Timdesuyo replaced all the damaged spokes.


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Oct 11, 2009
TIMBO! Chain fail! Yeah, on the 105 hubs you need to use the washer that comes with the cassette to space the freewheel properly from the carrier flange. But even if you don't have it - the cassette won't hit the spokes. You just have a classic case of 'chain overrun'. Make sure you adjust the derailer properly:

1) loosen cable
2) adjust the high stop (smallest cog) so the derailer runs smooth and <just> pops into gear.
3) attach cable and tension it so its tight without turning the adjusting barrels.
4) tighten with adjusting barrels until you have good engagement going up and down in the middle range gears.
5) carefully shift to your top (largest cog) gear and then use your finger to tighten cable and check the upper stop. make sure the derailer is not over-travelling and adjust the stop screw to prevent it from going over the center.
6) run through all the gears and carefully check the end ranges as well as the step up and down. Each shift should result in a silent running gear without any clacking. If it does no matter what you do, then:

- Derailer hanger is bent resulting in mis-alignment
- Chain is stretched or worn excessively. Or, if its a DA type chain - its mounted reverse
- Derailer pivot is worn out
- Derailer idlers are worn out
- Derailer is just plain junk
- Shifters are tweaked and not giving you an honest 2:1 pull
- Cables are stretching or damaged

Shimano system is pretty sensitive and just about anything will resulting poor shifting - and as a result - you may tweak the stops to overshift to compensate, thus leading to chain drops.


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Mar 29, 2010
The washer is definitely there. Stu might not have noticed taking it off, but it was there when I put it back on. It's just a tiny little spacer, and it was stuck to the casette when I picked up the casette to put it back on, so there's that.

I think what happened is that sometime since we built those wheels, I did have the chain overshift into the spokes. The problem is I don't remember the event. I've probably readjusted my derailer twice since getting the wheels, and I will do so again when I clean my chain this week, but as of the moment, it doesn't look like it will over-shift. So I imagine it happened some time ago, and I didn't think twice about it when it happened, until one of the spokes broke on me on Sunday. It's super-lucky for me That Stu's Premium Wooden Bicycle Tool Company had the time to donate to me rebuilding my wheel :D

I have to say that I was pretty pleased with being able to replace those spokes and get the wheel true again. It was the first time I really attempted to do that without GS Astuto Tim making sure I didn't screw everything up :)

That's one of the really positive things I've taken from TCC. You guys have all been super-supportive of my beginner butt, and have helped me become a much more self-sufficient rider. Thanks :D

And sorry for being late to the thread. I really need like an extra million hours in every day.


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
OK Tim, this sounds like a done deal, I'm glad to have helped, but all I did was talk your ear off and work on my bike, while you worked on your bike :D