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Special thanks for everybody


Maximum Pace
Apr 20, 2007
Dear all,

I have left Japan to Houston(USA) on the 2nd April to live with my husband; Alan-san.
I just would like to say "Thanks very much" to all.
Go Go Girls: you are some like my sisters. I enjoyed not only biking with you but also eating and shopping:p
Thomas and Sora-san who set up such a nice club(TCC). I can tell TCC is the best cycling club:no1:
Tora-san, Ash, Yasuhiro and Sha-san who organized great tours which I participated.
Arai-san, Imai-san and Taro-san who helped me sometime in JAPANESE:warau:.
David-san; you gave me a light when mine was broken.
Christoph; you push my back to climb the big hill when I was tired:).
Thanks you everyone again.
I really enjoyed riding with TCC every time, it was only one year though.

I will be back to Japan sometime with Alan( might be soon;)), and hopefully will be able to participate the Tokyo Enduro 2008.
I should ride harder here until then:bike::bike:

See you next time in Japan.
Best Regards

Its not good bye, just see you later!

Take care

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