Wanted SPD-SL Road Shoes; 45/46/47 size.

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Far beyond the black horizon
Oct 9, 2015
Broke my neck a few months ago. As well as the cracked vertebrae, I am also enduring damage to my spine which has resulted in nerve problems with my feet. This manifests itself as numbness and pain when I go above about 300watts due to how hard my current shoes press against my feet. Wasn't a problem before the injury, but it is now.

So, I need to get bigger shoes. I also need to work out what size of shoe to buy, by actually testing the shoes on a few rides and going up some long climbs at over 300watts. Unsurprisingly, you can't take shoes back to the shop after you have ridden them, so I am looking for the following;

-SPD-SL compatible road shoes, in any condition.
-45/46/47 size.
-Don't care about the brand, colour, condition, etc. Just want to use them to figure out what size I now need to get, to prevent this constant agony I am in.

So, if you have any old knackered road shoes laying about collecting dust that you want to get rid of, I will happily take them off your hands, and use them to investigate what size I now need to ride.