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For Sale Something for your ten speed, sir or madam?


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
Shimano 105 170mm compact (50-34) crank - A year old, well ridden, make an offer

Shimano 105 cassette 11-25 - A year old, used in the colder months on a trainer, 1,500JPY

Shimano 105 cassette 12-27 - Six months old, used in the warmer months in Chichibu and Boso, 1,500JPY

Shimano Ultegra cassette 12-30 - Four months old, hardly used, 3,000JPY

All cleaned and maintained The Saibot way.

2014-07-10 17.12.59.jpg 2014-07-10 16.47.08.jpg 2014-07-10 16.23.45.jpg 2014-07-10 16.26.44.jpg 2014-07-10 16.01.48.jpg

Shimano 105 HG 10s chain - Boxed, unused, 1,000JPY

Look Keo Grip Cleats 4.5 degree float (two pairs for sale) - Boxed, unused, 1,500JPY each (or two for two)

Deda 120mm Zero100 Servizio Corse stem - Eight months old, doesn't look so hot but is badass, white, 4,000JPY

2014-07-10 17.24.46.jpg 2014-07-10 17.23.32.jpg 2014-07-10 17.22.40.jpg 2014-07-10 17.22.20.jpg 2014-07-10 17.22.10.jpg

Shimano R500 10s Wheelset - A year old, rear used exclusively on the trainer front was barely touched, no photo yet, make an offer

Feel free to ask any questions and make any offers you deem appropriate.

Delivery will be determined on a case by case basis.
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