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Siva Atom USB power thingie


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
As a Kickstarter project it's the typical cock-up, now running over a year behind schedule and still just a promise ... , but the concept is interesting.


The mysterious way it slots onto the hub makes me think it might have the potential to shake-up the dynamo hub world, IF it isn't all smoke and mirrors, and IF the technology gets bought-up from these typical Kickstarter hipsters.

(Does anyone have a Kickstarter-backing story with no regrets .....? I don't.)


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
Does anyone have a Kickstarter-backing story with no regrets .....? I don't.

Yes. "Harold Feinstein - a retrospective" (a photobook). What was promised: "We are publishing 1,000 copies of a 200 page hardcover retrospective of Harold Feinstein's classic black & white photographs [...] We have established a team of designers, writers, and production professionals who will assist with all stages of this book project." We, we, we. What actually happened: The book's content was at least as good as was promised; and as for its production, it turned out to be published by Nazraeli, which reliably wangles the best printing and binding available. My copy was excellently packed and arrived in pristine condition; book plus airmail cost me a donation of $70, a price that compares favorably with prices elsewhere.

Only a small percentage of the appeals at Kickstarter have any appeal to me, which is why I rarely glance at them. And this is why I didn't notice "Two Rivers" and "Soviet Bus Stops" until far too late; the former in particular is very highly regarded (example).

(Bike stuff? Don't know, haven't tried.)
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